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Russell Fry On The Issues

Reverse “Bidenomics”

The American Dream of having a family, owning your own home, and starting a small business is growing further out of reach. Biden’s inflation-boosting policies and reckless spending are killing the American Dream.
  • Put American families first by making the Trump tax cuts permanent, loosening regulatory burdens on business, bolstering American energy independence, cutting excessive federal spending, and unshackling innovation.
  • Fix domestic supply chains by bolstering American producers that hire Americans. STOP the bad habit of printing more U.S. money and giving handouts to favored corporations.

Secure. The. Border.

Ensure the safety of Americans and the sovereignty of our nation. President Biden has ignored this crisis for too long. Congress must take action. 
  • FINISH Trump's southern border wall.
  • INCREASE law enforcement presence, STRENGTHEN federal immigration laws, PUNISH anyone responsible for human trafficking, ARREST the drug lords, and DESTROY millions of pounds of fentanyl and illegal drugs. Our next generations deserve better.

Get Tough on China

The Chinese Communist Party is a major threat to our nation. Flying a Spy Balloon was only one piece of their plan: they will continue to take advantage of Biden’s weak national security policies. It must never happen again.
  • STOP China and other adversarial nations from stealing our intellectual property and having a free pass to come spy on us from our own backyard.

Defend Our Constitution & American Values

South Carolina’s Seventh District residents aren’t buying the radical left’s “woke” agenda, and neither am I. I am unwavering in my commitment to defending the Constitution—the cornerstone of our nation's freedoms and principles.
  • Every American should have the right to practice their faith without fear of discrimination or government interference.
  • The Second Amendment shall not be infringed. Period.

Support Parents & Students with More Choices in Education

We have many great public schools, and teachers are heroes. However, some public schools are failing despite America spending trillions on public education. A great education should be the standard, regardless of ZIP code.
  • Competition is necessary and that is why I firmly believe in the power of educational choice for families. Parents, not bureaucrats, should make the final decision on their children’s education.

Restore America’s Energy Independence

The Biden administration is waging war on American energy production. We can’t keep letting our enemies dictate the price of oil and gas. We must spark a new dawn of energy independence.
  • Restart the Keystone XL pipeline.
  • Support an “all of the above” strategy for energy production in America – Nuclear, Oil and Gas, Solar, and other renewable sources should be encouraged without adding the excessive job-killing government mandates and subsidies.

Honor Our Veterans

Our veterans embody the very best of America, and it's our responsibility to honor their courage and unwavering commitment to this nation and our freedoms.
  • Ensure veterans receive the support they deserve, including accessible top-tier healthcare, mental health resources, employment, and assistance in transitioning back to civilian life.

Support Our Farmers

A nation that cannot feed itself is not a nation at all. That’s why our farmers are a bedrock of our nation. I will fight for policies that empower our farmers.
  • Fight for fair trade deals that prioritize American farmers and domestic production.
  • End foreign influence – STOP China, Russia, and other foreign adversaries from buying up American farmland.
  • Eliminate bureaucratic barriers that hinder agricultural innovation and productivity. 
  • Improve rural infrastructure, healthcare, and better access to technology.

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